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Creating a Caregiver Pipeline

By: Michael Lyman

There once was a woman who lived in a village. Each day she walked to the river to gather water for her family, which soon became overwhelming and exhausting. She knew her family needed water, but the task became too much for her. She knew she had to find another way.

One day, on her walk back to the village, a thought came to her. What if I built a pipeline from the river to her village? She thought. This pipeline would give everyone in the village water through a simple spigot. The women rallied other village members, and together they built a pipeline. After many months of work, the pipeline was complete.

The villagers all came with empty buckets to see the miracle of their work. Sure enough, the women turned on the spigot, and water flowed. The villagers cheered! The woman knew that this would forever change her life and that of her family.

When children have special needs, it can be exhausting and overwhelming to care for them each day. It can feel like hauling buckets for miles each and every day. The physical and emotional load can become too much. Respite care is like the pipeline. When the pipeline is turned on, families get the much-needed relief of water without exhaustion.

Ridgeline is there to nurture, relieve, and support. We are here to help!

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