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Families are superheroes!

Family members are superheroes especially when they work together to take care of their family! The burden of caregiving is often more than one person can handle. However, It can be difficult to delegate these tasks. Even the healthiest families can become severely stressed by ongoing care and managing such a physical and emotional drain. You can encourage more support within your family by using the 4 following strategies:

#1 Talk openly and often.

Keep your family up to date on your child’s needs and conditions. Family members who don’t share their day-to-day caregiving experiences may not understand the demands involved. This can lead to individuals silently suffering because they don’t have enough support. Be open about your responsibilities and experiences so your family members can jump in and support you when you need it.

#2 Encourage family members to evaluate what they can reasonably do.

The ability to self-evaluate what you can and can not handle is vital to your emotional and physical stability. When you can recognize when you are stretching your abilities too far, you can know when and how to receive support better. Share your list of needs and take advantage of all offers to help.

#3 Recognize your own feelings and discuss disproportionate tasks.

Harboring resentment when you need more help leads to burnout. Be specific when asking family members for support and time commitments. Consider establishing an online calendar to organize relief and confirm schedules.

#4 Participate in support groups.

Learning how other families cope can give you new options. Building relationships with other caregivers can also ease the burden you feel as you realize you are not alone. It is vital for families to lean on friends for encouragement, guidance, and understanding.

Working together eases caregiving challenges. At the same time, your family’s health matters during this journey. Managing physical and emotional drain can help the whole family. You are the heroes but even heroes can't do it all.

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