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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Ridgeline Pediatric. Because we are a facility working with medically fragile children, we need to assure their safety and privacy and require a few extra things. Our kids are fantastic so we think it is worth it and we think you will too!! We have several volunteer opportunities including:

Individual Volunteers

The Individual volunteer would be directly involved in 1-1 activities with the children. Examples include reading with a child, cuddling, and helping to facilitate a special activity like arts and crafts or outdoor play. Volunteers interested in working directly with the children:
•Must be over 18 years of age
•Complete a Volunteer Application
•Attend an orientation
•Provide current vaccination records including current negative TB test
•Receive a *LiveScan background check.
•Please indicate on the application your area of interest and available time commitment.

Community Participation

This category includes groups who would bring entertainment or other special events to the children. Examples include ballet performers, school bands, choirs, car clubs, and musicians. Also included in this category are service clubs and fundraising events. Volunteers interested in this category would need to complete an application and provide information regarding the entertainment or special event. We will provide a shortened orientation.

Pet Therapy

Certified pet handlers and pet “therapists” are welcome at Ridgeline Pediatric! Volunteers in this category need to be certified under Pet Partners International or Therapy Dogs International. In addition, volunteers would need to:
•Complete an application
•Attend an orientation
•Provide current vaccination records including current negative TB test
•Receive a *LiveScan background check.

Youth Program

Ridgeline Pediatric welcomes youth volunteers. Examples include ROP, Senior Projects and Boy/Girl Scout projects. Interested volunteers in this category will need to complete an application. We will work with the mentoring program to assure that all requirements are met.

*Live Scan is digital fingerprinting technology available to the public. We follow guidelines from State of California Health and Human Services Agency and request DOJ, FBI and DOJ CACI searches. Ridgeline Pediatric will reimburse the cost of LiveScan after 3 months of volunteer service.

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