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  • Love is the basis of our work

  • Love unifies

  • Love is selfless

  • Love is the foundation of all other values.

  • Play transforms everyday experiences.

  • Play is discovery, laughter and fun

  • Play builds relationships

  • Play is not the absence of work or progress. 

  • Respect means tolerance and acceptance. 

  • Respect means cooperating with each other, even when we feel strong emotions.

  • Respect means being attentive and encouraging. 

  • Respect builds safe spaces.  

  • Integrity means being honest and fair, no matter who is or is not watching. 

  • Integrity is shown through honoring my commitments and boundaries.

  • Integrity is authenticity. 

  • Connections provide belonging, support, and purpose. 

  • Connections make us feel alive and strong. 

  • Meaningful connections start with me.

  • Excellence is a state of mind that we apply to every situation.

  • Excellence requires teamwork.

  • Excellence is not perfection, it is continued, unfaltering improvement.

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